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There is something about a swimming pool that appeals to most people, whether it be children, who want to spend all summer vacation swimming under a hot sun, or adults who prefer to lounge at pool side, watching their youngsters have a wonderful, summer's afternoon. It isn't hard to imagine the enjoyment, that would come from having one's own pool in the backyard. Round and oval above ground pools are, affordable, very popular, and satisfactory for many people. But maybe you would prefer a larger pool, with a deep end for a diving board, or waterslide, and a deck around it, but the cost of a commercial installation, has been holding you up. An alternative is, of course, to build your own, using local materials for for the pool walls, specialized equipment from your local pool dealer or H&H Pools and step-by-step construction plans, to build a pool with the following features and specifications:

* 18' wide by 36' long with an 8' hopper style deep end

* A 4' by 8' fiberglass pool entry step assembly with spa jets

* A hard, flat, and attractive pool bottom

* A beautiful 20 mil. customized liner

* Aluminum liner track (not plastic) that accepts lumber, or concrete decking

* A pool light

* A main drain

* A skimmer

* A high capacity sand filter

* An automatic chlorinator

* Dual return water lines

Included In The DEB Design Swimming Pool Plan Is:

* Step By Step Construction Drawings

* A Complete Material List, Including Sources

* Easy To Follow Plumbing Diagrams

* Construction Tips Learned From Prototype Construction

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