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Would you like to decrease, or eliminate your dependence on the utility companies? Do you have access to wood in any form, including pallets that many companies are giving away? Consider installing an outside woodstove. Maybe you're already interested in an outside, wood burning stove/boiler, but are concerned about the high cost of commercial units. Well then, build your own using this plan set. If you have average welding skills, or know someone who does, it can easily be done.This stove works really great, here in Wisconsin. It is used to heat a 2300 sq.ft. house, including the domestic hot water during the winter months, and a swimming pool, during the summer months. This unit will burn any wood, including soft or unseasoned wood without the worry of creosote buildup. I built the stove pictured above, for about $700 using all new materials, but it could be built for much less, using salvaged materials.

This Stove's Features Include:


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