DVD, how to build your own outdoor woodstove.

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    The skyrocketing cost of fuel is an ever escalating burden on the family budget. Would you like to decrease, or eliminate your dependence on the utility companies for heat? Do you have access to wood in any form, including hard, soft, or "garbage" wood? Consider installing an outside woodstove. Maybe you're already interested in an outside, wood burning stove, but are concerned about the high cost of commercial units. Well then, build your own using this DVD. If you have average welding skills, or know someone who does, it can easily be done. The stove built on the DVD is used to heat a 1500 square foot house. The stove will burn any wood, including soft or unseasoned wood without the worry of fire associated with creosote buildup. The stove pictured above, was built for about $2000 in 2007 using all new materials, but it could be built for much less, using salvaged materials.

This Stove's Features Include:
* A 20 cubic ft. firebox
* A 90 gallon capacity water jacket
* A large, water filled, loading door
* Automatic thermostatic control of the water jacket temperature
* A powered damper, draft control system
* 12-24 hour burn times, between loadings
* A baffled flue design providing optimum efficiency
* A complete design requiring no additional housing
* An open vent design, preventing the possibilities of dangerous pressures
* The ability to burn any type of wood without the worry of creosote build-up and potential chimney fire

Included on this DVD is:
*A one hour long video instruction that steps you through the entire stove assembly process
*Web links for the electrical and plumbing schematics

    This project may seem challenging at first, but with time, patience, and consistent effort, you'll be able to build your own outdoor heating plant, to meet your home heating needs. You can then take comfort knowing that, your home heating bills can remain controllable.


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